New Game released: Almost a Hero!

Today we are proud to announce that our biggest project so far has seen the light: we’ve just released Almost a Hero for Android and iOS

Almost a Hero is an incremental RPG game where the forces of evil are threatening to conquer the land, and you must stop them with the help of a ring and 11 useless idiots. Embark on a quest and turn them into slightly less useless idiots!


  • 11 quirky and lovable characters with complex skill trees, that allow for different strategies and combinations
  • 3 different rings with runes to customize your playstyle
  • Powerful alchemy system
  • Endless stages and bosses to beat!

Download Almost a Hero for free on the App Store or Google Play.

New Game Announcement: min!

Today we are proud to announce Bee Square’s very first puzzle game, min!

Min! is a minimalistic puzzle game for all audiences, designed to help keep your mind active and sharp. Its look may remind you of Tetris, but the mechanics are slightly different.

You are presented with two pieces at a time, which you can drag and drop onto the board. Pieces cannot be rotated, but once you let go of a piece you will notice it breaks up into individual blocks which float up as high as they can. When you connect three blocks of the same color, they are cleared from the board. The goal is to get a high score by clearing as many blocks as possible. Pro tip: combos boost your score, so try to create chain reactions whenever you can!


  • Colorful and challenging puzzle game with inverted gravity.
  • 2-colored blocks for advanced players: pop the outer block to release its child block.
  • Switch between the light and dark color mode via the settings.
  • Connect to Facebook to challenge your friends.

Download min! for free on the App Store or Google Play.

New games and a lot to do in 2016

This year is going to be a hectic one at Bee Square! We can not give you too many details about the different projects we are working on yet, but since we have a brand new website and blog, we wanted to take the opportunity of updating this blog for the first time to share some news about the project that has kept us busy during the last few months: Dig Dig!

Dig Dig! will be the third game developed and published by Bee Square after Run Sheldon and Sheldon’s Bedtime Stories: The Golden Trophy. It will be published this year and will be a midcore strategy tapping game with idle mechanics. We want you to be part of the developing process of the game during the last few months before its global release! That’s why we have created a development blog that we will regularly update during the coming weeks. You check it out here:

We hope you enjoy it!

On the other side, at Bee Square we are looking for new talents to join our development team. We are in need of a Senior Game Designer, Senior Game Animator and Unity Game Programmer. Take a look at the job offers and if you think you could fit in our honeycomb, don’t hesitate to write and send us your CV!