New event for Almost a Hero: Lia’s Archery Challenge

We’ve added a huge event to the game, with completely new mechanics and progression systems: Lia’s Archery Challenge!

This event will be available for one month for all players that reach stage 140 in Adventure Mode.


  • New event: play as Young Lia in a new game mode and reach level 55
  • New skills and upgrades
  • New event-exclusive side quests
  • Exclusive rewards, like outfits or special merchant items
  • Plus QoL changes (curse reroll, changes to trinket disenchant, etc)

Download Almost a Hero‘s newest update for free on Google Play or on the App Store, and join Almost a Hero’s Subreddit or Almost a Hero’s Discord server to discuss new strategies and ideas with the community!

Big changes to Almost a Hero!

To celebrate the second anniversary of the game, we’ve launched a massive update for Almost a Hero, our incremental RPG game full of quirky characters!

This update makes Almost a Hero bigger than ever, and introduces changes to improve progression for new players and seasoned veterans alike.


  • New alchemy system! Alchemy is the backbone of Almost a Hero: with this new system, players don’t rely so much on RNG and have more control over their bonuses.
  • Reworked Adventure Mode so the new max stage is 3200
  • Added new mythical artifacts
  • Plus an anniversary event!

Download Almost a Hero‘s newest update for free on Google Play or on the App Store, and join Almost a Hero’s Subreddit or Almost a Hero’s Discord server to discuss new strategies and ideas with the community!

Gates of Gog, a new game mode for Almost a Hero!

Almost a Hero players, you can now explore the depths of Gog City, a sinister underground fortress packed with the worst villains!

Gates of Gog is Almost a Hero’s whole new game mode: reach stage 350 to unlock it! Gates of Gog is composed of 80 gates where alchemy can’t help you.  You’ll need to carefully pick your team and your strategy if you want to succeed before the timer runs off!


  • Completely new game mode, with gates full of strange and dangerous effects that will condition how the battle plays off
  • New progression system: charms!
  • Complete your charm collection and upgrade them to get to the final Gate!
  • Discover and repeat gates for extra rewards!

Download Almost a Hero‘s newest update for free on Google Play or on the App Store and see how far can you go in Gog!

New Game released: Almost a Hero!

Today we are proud to announce that our biggest project so far has seen the light: we’ve just released Almost a Hero for Android and iOS

Almost a Hero is an incremental RPG game where the forces of evil are threatening to conquer the land, and you must stop them with the help of a ring and 11 useless idiots. Embark on a quest and turn them into slightly less useless idiots!


  • 11 quirky and lovable characters with complex skill trees, that allow for different strategies and combinations
  • 3 different rings with runes to customize your playstyle
  • Powerful alchemy system
  • Endless stages and bosses to beat!

Download Almost a Hero for free on the App Store or Google Play.

Our latest project: Battleborn Tap

During the last few months we have been tirelessly working on a new project. We collaborated with Gearbox + 2K Games to develop a mobile game that complements the release of their latest title, Battleborn!

Battleborn is the newest project from the creators of Borderlands and Borderlands 2, and is an ambitious fusion of genres. The game combines a frenetic first-person shooting, with Gearbox’s cooperative combat and an expensive collection of diverse heroes.


Battleborn Tap is a free to play tapping game with idle mechanics, where you will lead a band of badass heroes on their mission to protect the universe’s very last star from a mysterious group of evil enemies.


During this journey against the evil forces, you will be able to unlock and upgrade new Battleborn. As you progress through the game you’ll discover lots of gear packs and powerful artifacts to help you on your way. The faster you tap, the more enemies you will kill and the more currency you will collect!


Battleborn Tap is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.