New event for Almost a Hero: Lia’s Archery Challenge

We’ve added a huge event to the game, with completely new mechanics and progression systems: Lia’s Archery Challenge!

This event will be available for one month for all players that reach stage 140 in Adventure Mode.


  • New event: play as Young Lia in a new game mode and reach level 55
  • New skills and upgrades
  • New event-exclusive side quests
  • Exclusive rewards, like outfits or special merchant items
  • Plus QoL changes (curse reroll, changes to trinket disenchant, etc)

Download Almost a Hero‘s newest update for free on Google Play or on the App Store, and join Almost a Hero’s Subreddit or Almost a Hero’s Discord server to discuss new strategies and ideas with the community!

Big changes to Almost a Hero!

To celebrate the second anniversary of the game, we’ve launched a massive update for Almost a Hero, our incremental RPG game full of quirky characters!

This update makes Almost a Hero bigger than ever, and introduces changes to improve progression for new players and seasoned veterans alike.


  • New alchemy system! Alchemy is the backbone of Almost a Hero: with this new system, players don’t rely so much on RNG and have more control over their bonuses.
  • Reworked Adventure Mode so the new max stage is 3200
  • Added new mythical artifacts
  • Plus an anniversary event!

Download Almost a Hero‘s newest update for free on Google Play or on the App Store, and join Almost a Hero’s Subreddit or Almost a Hero’s Discord server to discuss new strategies and ideas with the community!

New games and a lot to do in 2016

This year is going to be a hectic one at Bee Square! We can not give you too many details about the different projects we are working on yet, but since we have a brand new website and blog, we wanted to take the opportunity of updating this blog for the first time to share some news about the project that has kept us busy during the last few months: Dig Dig!

Dig Dig! will be the third game developed and published by Bee Square after Run Sheldon and Sheldon’s Bedtime Stories: The Golden Trophy. It will be published this year and will be a midcore strategy tapping game with idle mechanics. We want you to be part of the developing process of the game during the last few months before its global release! That’s why we have created a development blog that we will regularly update during the coming weeks. You check it out here:

We hope you enjoy it!

On the other side, at Bee Square we are looking for new talents to join our development team. We are in need of a Senior Game Designer, Senior Game Animator and Unity Game Programmer. Take a look at the job offers and if you think you could fit in our honeycomb, don’t hesitate to write and send us your CV!